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The majority of business in Mozambique, have little to no presence on the web; and most business related communication is still conducted by word of mouth. Easymoz is a platform to help directing travelers and business to the best and most affordable goods, services and investment opportunities in Mozambique.


The founder, born in Maputo-Mozambique. One of the most decorated basketball players in the country, where he played several years for the national team and was several times considered the best player in the country.


While in high school his talents earned him a scholarship to study and play basketball in the US.  Throughout his time in the US, Cesario always stayed active in business in Mozambique, where he became involved with Import and export of goods between US and Mozambique. 


In the past 17 years he has worked in the US for a few fortune 1000 companies doing business development and managing relationships. He has a great understanding of the business environment in the US and Mozambique in addition to an understanding of needs and processes for favorable result.

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